Mixed Doubles 2.5, 3.0 Power Ratings

How did you really do? Sometimes you did better than the medal results show. Maybe you want to know how you compare to everybody else in the division, even those you did not play. The ratings below were calculated using the Elo rating system. It takes into account the scores of the games and the ratings of both teams.

The ratings below will also help you determine if you are in the correct division. A rating of 1,000 is the average rating for a team in this division. If you are 200 points above that (rating of 1,200), this means that, on average, you beat an average team in this division by a score of 15-5 (or 11-3 in a game to 11). If this is how you typically play, you should consider moving up a division.

Conversely, if you are 200 points below the average (rating of 800), this means that, on average, you lose to an average team in this division by a score of 5-15 (or 3-11 in a game to 11). If your play in this tournament is how you typically play, you should consider moving down a division.

If you are in the 900 to 1,100 range, you seem to be well-suited to the division.

Finally, you may notice that the highest rated team may not have won the gold medal. They may not even have medaled at all. In a single elimination bracket, all it takes is one bad game to be eliminated - or even barely losing to another good team. If you did not medal, you may have the impression that you had a bad day. You may have done better than you thought!

Some things to keep in mind: 1) Some divisions combine more than one skill level, so the ratings will not be as meaningful in this sense. 2) There are two people on a team, and the ratings below are for the team, not the individuals.

TeamPower Rating
Strege, Philip/Strege, Katherine1238
Baumann, Pete/Baumann, Mary1179
Schon, Steven/Wiedmann, Linda1153
McFarlin, Zacheus/McFarlin, Trinity1129
Huotari, John/Jindeel, Leila1098
Moench, Alan/Moench, Katie1081
Sullivan, Terry/Sullivan, Robbie1065
Nelson, Elizabeth/Anderson, Ron998
Greene, Jeff/Mustonen, Sara998
Rengel, Mike/Rock, Ann988
McKenna, Peter/Harder, Lori987
Barnett, Sally/Barnett, David986
Andruski, John/Andruski, Wendy977
Stearns, Dawn/Pilon, Kevin958
Salzer, Stephen/Spielman, Lori930
Graveson, Toby/Nikkila, Lorri878
Fitch, Mary/Ronstrom, Brian854
Hurt, Rus/Wilson, Joan843
McFarlin, Thomas/Mongan-Rallis, Kathryn837
Clifford, Thomas/Rudolph, LeAnne826