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Based on number of entries, some skill levels may be combined at the discretion of the tournament director.

Men's Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Zhen Zhou (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.0Jeff Greene (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.5Mike Rengel (3.0)$Jeff RengelN$
3.5Matthew Skudstad (3.5)Joe JurichN$
3.5Scott Wahler (3.5)Steve NeumannN$
3.5Dale Shimmin (3.5)Rick Ball (3.5)
3.5Philip Strege (3.5)$Terry SullivanN$
3.5Pete Baumann (3.5)$(Looking for partner)
3.5David Paulson (3.5)(Looking for partner)
4.0Dennis McDonald (4.0)Brent KenvilleN$
4.5Ryan Thiel (4.5)$Brandon Swanson (4.5)
4.5Mark Elliott (4.5)$Jason KruegerN$

Women's Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Mary Baumann (3.0)Sarah Speers (3.0)
3.0Sue Kemnitz (3.0)Sara MustonenN
3.0Katherine Strege (3.0)$(Looking for partner)
3.5Elizabeth Nelson (3.0)Margie Tompkins (3.5)
3.5Kimberly Wahler (3.5)Teri NeumannN$
4.0Jessica Thiel (4.0)$(Looking for partner)
4.5Lori Urmann (4.0)Twila JessoN$

Mixed Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Rhonda Chapin (3.0)Jeff LaneN$
3.0Jeff Greene (3.0)Sara MustonenN
3.0Tim Caroline (3.0)Sue Caroline (3.0)$
3.0Sue Kemnitz (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.5Mary Baumann (3.0)Pete Baumann (3.5)$
3.5David Paulson (3.5)Betty SwistenN$
3.5Joe Hodgson (3.5)Leah Wedan (3.5)
3.5Philip Strege (3.5)$Katherine Strege (3.0)$
4.0Nicolas Amerud (4.0)Emily Nelson (4.0)
4.0Lori Urmann (4.0)Scott LayN$
4.0Dennis McDonald (4.0)(Looking for partner)
4.5Ryan Thiel (4.5)$Jessica Thiel (4.0)$
4.5Mark Elliott (4.5)$(Looking for partner)

NNot registered (must fill out the registration form)
$Owes registration fees (contact us to find out how much)