This list was last updated on 3/11/2020. If you have registered, paid, or made other changes since this date, it will not be reflected on this page.
The registration limits are 48 mixed doubles teams and 56 men's/women's doubles teams. If you register after the limits have been reached, you will be put on the waitlist.

Some people are looking for a partner. If you would like to play with one of these people, you can email them using the "Looking for partner" link next to the person's name. Fill out the form to email the person directly.

Based on number of entries, some skill levels may be combined at the discretion of the tournament director.

Men's Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Philip Strege (3.0)Lloyd Retzlaff (3.0)
3.0Jeffrey Lane (3.0)Cody DeBondt (3.0)
3.0Levi Frame (3.0)Matt Zagrabelny (3.0)
3.0Wayne Raley (3.0)John MichaelsN$
3.0Kenneth Westlund (3.0)Matt Westlund (3.0)
3.0Henry Quinlan (3.0)Kirk Simanovsky (3.0)
3.5Matt Skudstad (3.5)$Joe Jurich (3.5)
3.5Michael Edmunds (3.5)Rick Ball (3.5)
3.5Travis Tisor (3.5)Gerry CheneyN$
4.0Dean Barta (4.0)Grant GarvinN$
4.0Ron Storlie (4.0)Dave Hagman (4.0)$
4.0Chad McFarlin (4.0)Brian HardingN$
4.0Butch Schmidt (3.5)Terry Sullivan (3.5)
4.0Brent Kenville (4.0)$(Looking for partner)
4.0Robert Whelan (3.5)Ryan Kieson (4.0)
4.5Dennis McDonald (4.5)(Looking for partner)

Women's Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Robbie Sullivan (3.0)Katherine Strege (3.0)
3.0Sherry Hill (3.0)Ann Campbell (3.0)
3.0Suzanne Koprowski (3.0)Kim Young (3.0)
3.0Victoria Hines (3.0)Maya Holevatz (3.0)
3.0Joyce Otterblad (3.0)Leoh Hohman (3.0)
3.0Kathi Madden (3.0)Tamra Anderson (3.0)
3.5Laurie Carlson (3.5)Sue Caroline (3.5)
3.5Betty Swiston (3.5)(Looking for partner)
3.5Kate Steffens (3.5)Doreen Zierer (3.5)
3.5Margie Tompkins (3.5)Lizzee Nelson (3.5)
3.5Stacey Hohman (3.5)Lisa Topp (3.0)

Mixed Doubles

Skill Level Player 1 Player 2
3.0Katherine Strege (3.0)Philip Strege (3.0)
3.0Rhonda Chapin (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.0Lloyd Retzlaff (3.0)Suzanne Koprowski (3.0)
3.0Cody DeBondt (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.0Devin Montero (3.0)Joyce Otterblad (3.0)
3.0Victoria Hines (3.0)Kenneth Westlund (3.0)
3.0Henry Quinlan (3.0)Maya Holevatz (3.0)
3.0Leoh Hohman (3.0)(Looking for partner)
3.5Laurie Carlson (3.5)Joe Jurich (3.5)
3.5Robbie Sullivan (3.0)Terry Sullivan (3.5)
3.5Sue Caroline (3.5)Tim Caroline (3.5)
3.5Mary Baumann (3.5)Pete Baumann (3.5)
3.5Betty Swiston (3.5)Randy Stanke (3.5)
3.5Margie Tompkins (3.5)Jim McGregor (3.0)
3.5Kate Steffens (3.5)Robert Whelan (3.5)
3.5Stacey Hohman (3.5)Travis Tisor (3.5)
3.5Lisa Topp (3.0)David AbazsN$
4.0Dave Hagman (4.0)$(Looking for partner)
4.0Brent Kenville (4.0)$Lizzee Nelson (3.5)

NNot registered (must fill out the registration form)
$Owes registration fees (contact us to find out how much)